Goals and tasks

Goals, tasks and organization

The goal of the Graduate Academy at Clausthal University of Technology is to promote the quality of doctoral studies across disciplines and faculties. Together with the faculties, the existing doctoral colleges and other institutions of structured support, framework conditions for supervision standards and high professional training quality are created and successively developed. With its offers, the Graduate Academy aims to increase the attractiveness of doctoral studies at Clausthal University of Technology and to contribute to the competition for outstanding young scientists.

The tasks of the Graduate Academy include in particular:

  • the development and coordination of an interdisciplinary qualification offer with consideration of equality and compatibility in the context of the promotion of young researchers
  • the promotion of the internationalization of doctoral education
  • Supporting the faculties in the optimal supervision and qualification of doctoral students, taking into account the different subject cultures and defining guidelines
  • Supporting and advising the faculties in the establishment of structured doctoral programs, graduate schools, graduate colleges, and in the further development of framework conditions for individual doctorates
  • taking into account the concerns of external doctoral students


According to ยง2 of the Regulations of the Graduate Academy of Clausthal University of Technology of 12.07.2016, all doctoral students of Clausthal University of Technology are members of the Graduate Academy. All offers and services of the Graduate Academy are open to them.

In addition, the regulations of the Graduate Academy issued by the Senate of the Clausthal University of Technology on 12.07.2016 provide for the following organizational form: