Certificate Program

Basic program ProDocTUC and certificate program ProDocTUC+

For many young scientists, the decision to pursue a doctorate marks the beginning of an exciting qualification phase rich in discoveries and independent research.

In addition to the scientific work, the acquisition of core competencies that go beyond specialist knowledge also plays an important role in the subsequent life and career planning.

The qualification programs ProDocTUC and ProDocTUC+ serve to further develop the interdisciplinary competencies.

The Graduate Academy awards a ProDocTUC+ certificate for attending events totaling 144 work units (AE) of 45 minutes each. In order to obtain the certificate, courses in the following competence areas must be attended:

  • Module 1: Basics of scientific work, with a scope of 48 units.
  • Module 2: Personality and career development, 48 units
  • Module 3: Didactics, in an extent of 48 AE

For thebasic certificate program ProDocTUC a certificate is issued for the attendance of events in the scope of 48 AE. At least 16 AE should be achieved per module.

Events can be chosen from the following offerings.

Active participation in the organization of subject-oriented summer and winter schools or of interdisciplinary events, such as the Day of Young Scientists or the Clausthal Night of the Proms (CNOP), participation in the organization of graduate regulars' tables and the own organization and conception of continuing education courses within the framework of the Graduate Academy are credited accordingly.

Further details on the awarding of certificates are regulated by the Guideline. For crediting events of external programs, please use the following form and contact the Graduate Academy for advice.