Leaders in Science

The Clausthal University of Technology wants to offer young scientists clear perspectives for an academic career and has taken a clear position on sustainability in science with the introduction of tenure track professorships.

Another tool, the start-up funding for the preparation of research proposals by young scientists (guideline for the research pool), significantly supports the independence and further development of young scientists on their way to a professorship.

Both measures enable early scientific independence and an alternative qualification to habilitation. The tenure-track professorship replaces the junior professorship and also enables appointment to a permanent professorship, provided that a positive evaluation has taken place.

On the way to a professorship and in the further qualification as a new manager in science, once the goal of a professorship has been achieved, we would like to support our scientists with offers that specifically address their needs.

In order to optimally prepare new managers for their tasks in the field of leadership in science and in particular for the supervision of bachelor, master and doctoral students, we offer an exclusive training program on this topic: "Supervision as a management task". The aim of the event is for participants to critically examine their own supervision experiences, to learn about supporting instruments in the context of international good practice, and to develop new standards of good doctoral supervision with the help of collegial exchange.

Other offers focus on individual measures, since at this very advanced stage of the scientific career, on the one hand, needs vary greatly from one individual to another, and on the other hand, time resources are scarce and further training can be planned individually in the best possible way. These measures are