Good scientific practice

All members of Clausthal University of Technology commit themselves to good scientific work. Corresponding regulations are contained in the Rules to ensure good scientific practice and procedures in case of suspicion of scientific misconduct for Clausthal University of Technology in valid version.

The performance of universities depends to a large extent on the quality of their research. Therefore, it is particularly important for universities to maintain and promote creativity, critical faculties and willingness to perform through an atmosphere of openness, and to take measures to prevent scientific misconduct from occurring.

Scientific work serves to gain knowledge. The honesty of the scientific staff is a basic prerequisite for the quality of scientific work. Good scientific practice must be taught and practiced.

Misconduct and fraud damage the reputation of science and scientists.

Scientists are obliged to comply with the rules of good scientific practice.

At the same time, every university teacher is obliged to teach young scientists the principles of scientific work and the rules of good scientific practice.

Scientific misconduct is to be prevented by providing guidance on honesty and responsibility in science.

Ombudsperson is Prof. Dr. A. Weber, 05323-72-2309, Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering, Clausthal University of Technology, Leibnizstra├če 19, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld .

If you need to contact the Ombudsperson for Science, you can do so here.

Further information on safeguarding good scientific practice can be found in the DFG memorandum.

Good Scientific Practice Workshop

Good Scientific Practice Workshop

Participants acquire knowledge of the rules of good scientific practice and competencies for making appropriate decisions in everyday research.