Second publication right and cumulative doctorate

Many dissertations are written as a complete work, a so-called monograph. However, if you have published a number of papers during your doctoral period, the question may arise as to whether it makes sense to do your doctorate cumulatively.

In some disciplines, especially in the natural sciences, it is possible to combine and submit individual articles, usually published in journals. This type of dissertation is called a cumulative, publication or collective dissertation.

The further conditions of a cumulative dissertation are prescribed by the doctoral regulations (§12, doctoral regulations). Attention must be paid to the so-called Second publication right (§38, Copyright Act) must be observed.

If you have published scientific articles in journals that you would like to use in a cumulative dissertation, please contact your publisher to find out about the situation regarding second publication. Many publishers offer publication contracts that allow second publications, e.g. after a six to 12 month embargo period. Often, second publications are also possible in the form of the post-print version.

If you are planning a cumulative doctorate and need advice, you are welcome to contact our University Library. Ms. Frank will be happy to advise you on your project.